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Motoring at Celtic Manor, Newport

Area Rep | Published on 6/18/2019

A very cool, wet, breezy and occasionally (briefly) sunny day greeted the inaugural 'Motoring at the Manor' classic and sports car event. In fact, when most of us set off to get there it was hammering down... so much for cleaning one's car ready for an event. C'est la vie, as they say in Wales.

The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Gwent was the location. It's a very impressive and expansive estate that includes a hotel and conference centre, three championship golf courses and a polo ground. The latter was the venue for the car show which benefitted from the marquees of the previous day's polo match, albeit with hoof marks all over (the ground, not the marquees!).

Five AMOC Areas were represented and, in my view, put on by far the best display of the show. You might think I'd say that anyway, but the lack of other major marque clubs (and dealerships) is perhaps a concern for the organisers to address for next year's event. However, there was a good selection of rally cars (many giving excellent demonstration runs on the adjacent ground), a timeline display of Formula 1 cars and excellent hospitality included in our entry fee. That was not only a welcome surprise that arguably justified our entry fee, but was vital for keeping us dry during the heavy showers (rather then reverting to the more traditional sitting in your car whilst the windows steam up around you).

The event was in support of Mission Motorsport, a charity that helps injured ex-servicemen through motorsport and motor industry activities.

Thank you to all of the AMOC people who supported this event. As always, we had a good time in each other's company, regardless of the weather (that I think just about held off for our respective journeys home)!

  • Paul Gerring (Area 4) - Vanquish S Zagato Shooting Brake
  • Rick Cullen (Area 4) - V8 Vantage
  • Matthew Maneely (Area 4)
  • Anthony & Barbara King (Area 4) - DB9
  • Paul & Nicola Phelan (Area 4) - DB9
  • Andy, Heather & Max Webber (Area 18) - DB7 Vantage Volante
  • Steve & Andrea Prevett (Area 18) - DBS (1971)
  • Mike & Ali Davies (Area 18) - V8 Vantage
  • Tom Wood (Area 22) - DB9 GT Volante
  • Jim & Trisha Walker (Area 10) - DB9 Volante
  • Chris & Cathy Bartlett (Area 18) - DB 2/4 MkIII
  • Ian & Sarah Moore (Area 4) - New Vantage
  • Malcolm & Dawn Coffin (Area 13) - V8 Vantage Roadster
  • George with his brother, Oliver, Matthews (Aston Martin Bristol dealership) - New Vantage
  • Also, Martin Beattie (Area 18 Rep) for delivering a Club flag early on the morning of the event.

Copy and photos by Andrew Fawkes (Area 4 Rep) - DB6

The following shots hopefully give a flavour of the day...

An impressive, if slightly dark, Club display

Compare and contrast the family lineage (Tom Wood's DB9 GT Volante and Chris & Cathy Bartlett's DB 2/4 Mk III)

Ferrari F40 (bit of a clue on the number plate)

Lamborghini's understated Aventador model

A proper classic... Citroen DS Convertible

Car of the Show: Bugatti Type 37

Local Star: Gilbern Invader Shooting Brake

Sarah Moore was fully-prepared for the weather!

Coffee break for (clockwise from left) Andy Webber, Tom Wood, Sarah & Ian Moore, Paul Gerring, Paul & Nicola Phelan, Anthony & Barbara King, Gillian Fawkes.