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Powderham Castle 2018

Colin Stewart | Published on 7/24/2018

Area 20 returned to Powderham Castle for the 45th Historic Vehicle Gathering which is by some way the largest car show in the South West with over 1,200 vehicles on display.  The weather was very hot but with a cooling breeze which disguised just how strong the sun was. 

On Saturday we had 18 cars on display and most met at Exeter Services and we then drove in together.  Surprisingly the traffic was dreadful and we arrived late at Powderham but got the cars into position quickly before being asked to take some of them into the parade ring for owners to talk about their "Pride and Joys"  Aston Martin Bristol were already in position and it was fabulous having two cars on the stand that had just been launched (the new Vantage and DB11 Volante) and we are very grateful to them for supporting our attendance at the event which is very much appreciated.  The unusually busy traffic in the morning was perhaps explained by people wanting to attend the event but to get home to some important football match that was happening in the afternoon.  After 2pm the whole event quietened down and we all tried to follow what was happening on our telephones. 

On Sunday we had 17 cars on the stand but interestingly the stand had a very different feel to it.  Whereas on Saturday we only had two heritage cars and four 2018 cars, the Sunday exhibition saw six such examples with the oldest being Ed Stratton's DB2/4 and being joined by a DB4 (John Sharpe), DB5 (Rodney Smith), DB6 (Peter Hickling), V8 (Michael Dee), Virage Volante (Jon Ayles).  The contract between the classic Astons and modern was shown in the parade ring on the Sunday with some 63 years spanning the age of the cars!

An excellent weekend and we look forward to attending next year.