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Area 20 TDMC The Story of Aston Martin

Ian Postles | Published on 10/16/2017

To coincide with the unveiling of the plaque to mark the birthplace of Lionel Martin at Nansladron House near St Austell the Truro & District Motor Club put on a very enjoyable evening where the story of Aston Martin was told.  With over 150 in the audience it just shows how much interest there is in Aston Martin.

David Wright gave a very informative talk about the pre-war years of the marque and it was clear that he had done a huge amount of research and he could probably have taken up the whole time available but did extremely well to keep to the time allotted .  

Maitland Cook, who had worked with John Wyer and the racing team, gave a really interesting insight into the David Brown years and after a short break David Richards, Chairman of Prodrive and ex Chairman of AML, told use about the racing history of the marque which culminated in a fantastic video clip of the finish of this year's Le Mans race which brought cheers from those attending.

The evening was rounded of by Marek Reichman who has led the design philosophy of AML for quite a few years now who told us about how Astons are designed and where the marque is going in the future.  A great way to end the evening.

Quite a line up of speakers and a very interesting evening for all those attending.