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Area 20 Charity Lunch at the Horn of Plenty on 25 February 2017

Ian Postles | Published on 2/27/2017

After storm Doris came Wet Aston Saturday which was a typical wet and windy winters day.  The event had been fully subscribed for some time so it was unfortunate that in the last few days leading up to the event quite a few people dropped out but our thanks to those who came forward at the last moment to take up some of the places.  Twenty members braved the horrible weather and, even more amazingly, there were eight Astons in the car park.   

Although the food was very nice the portions were somewhat meagre - perhaps that is why it is called a charity lunch!  

Our thanks to Richard Pinkett for organising the event for us and he will again be stepping up to the mark again this year because he will be heavily involved in the Autumn Concours which will be taking place at the Eden Project in September.