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AMOC Area 4 - Thornfalcon Classic Meeting 2015, Area 4, AMOC News

Area Rep | Published on 10/1/2015

Once again the sun shone on the righteous who attended the Thornfalcon Classic Car meeting at Henlade, Somerset. Indeed, this year was a record turnout - perhaps partly thanks to the previous Bank Holiday weekend's washout - with over 1,200 vehicles, mainly classic cars and a few motorcycles.

It seems that the organisers' approach of no formality, no booking, eager volunteer marshals and local cub scout troop collecting for charity, is a winner. It definitely isn't one of those (increasingly) events that insists you don't leave until they say so!

As Area Rep, I can claim no credit whatsoever for this meeting's success. Indeed, I was one of those who turned up later than most and left earlier than most… at least I got to help demonstrate how relaxed this event is!

In terms of Astons, another record turnout - 23 at the last count, plus a few more parked away from the AMOC enclosure. Our display ranged from the 1934 MkII of Hugh & Lynne Williams to the Parkes' DB9 Volante (with apologies to anyone there who had a newer Aston).

Four Areas were represented, thanks to Trevor King coming over from Area 10 in his DB7 Vantage and the 'travelling circus' from Area 20… you know who you are (and very welcome too) with at least a brace of DB6s and a V8 Vantage.

There was, unusually in my view, a brace of DB6s with Webasto roofs.

Bob Carter's trusty DB4 was joined by another, this time a series 5.

I counted four DB5, including the Gerring'a convertible, plus the Vaughan-Read's DB6 short chassis Volante.

Individual entries included the Everingtons' AMVantage, a DB2, the Parsons' Vanquish S and the Richardson's over from Area 13 in their... er... Ferrari 550 Maranello (a recent addition to the family that needed to feel welcome!).

A call-out here to new member Mark Howard who brought his lovely DB7 Vantage Volante and car-loving young son, Oscar. It was great to meet you both, albeit rather briefly thanks to my early departure in our DB6.

Finally, another addition to Area 4 got its first outing: our new AMOC flag was resplendent in the breeze!

Thanks once again to all who organised and attended this event, regardless of your means of transport!