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Area 22 Visit to Highgrove Gardens

Area22 Rep | Published on 7/31/2022

When a visit to Highgrove Gardens was mentioned by Rich Burgess, I must admit that “pins and eyes” came into my mind. However, on investigation it turned out I was completely wrong and over 45 people came forward saying “yes, please”! And so on Wednesday July 27, 26 members from Area 22 met at Westonbirt Arboretum prior to braving the security of Highgrove. What a great day we all had. Most people were expecting perfectly manicured lawns, immaculate borders and birds singing loyal songs. Not at all, it was all very natural but thoughtfully laid out which impressed everyone. His Royal Highness was in residence but did not pop out to see us! His DB6 Volante, as it turned out, was in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games. Lunch was taken at the Royal Oak in Leighterton, just down the road. Thanks to Will Dixon for finding the venue.