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Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 27 July

Area22 Rep | Published on 7/31/2022

In February I received an e-mail through AMOC from “Birmingham Ceremonies” seeking “red, white or blue cars for the Games”. Always up for a challenge I replied with the details of C7SFO and also prompted Alan Denney with his blue DB11 AMR also to be involved. Other than be told we had been accepted, we heard nothing for months until on 12 June we found ourselves at the first of 8 rehearsals with 70 other cars. The early rehearsals were held on the site of the old MG factory at Longbridge, but we soon moved to the Alexandra Stadium at Perry Bar. You now know that the end product was to be a Union Flag formed by 72 cars in 1 minute 40 seconds just before the playing of the National Anthem. It cannot be done was the first reaction… but of course it was, and the picture shows the result. I may do an article for AM Quarterly later in the year.