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The Aston Martin Owners Club's foremost objective in organising Concours is to encourage the owners of Aston Martins to preserve, maintain and present their cars in as clean and near original condition as possible.

The cars are entered into classes according to era.  Judges are assigned to classes that they have knowledge of and experience with.  They may even own a similar model or have rebuilt on in the past.  The car starts with a full allocation of 100 points.  If the Judges spot non-originality poor condition or lack of cleanliness, points will be deducted.  The Rules dictate that an 'original car' is considered to be as the car was at the moment before registration for the public highway.  Any Aston Martin or otherwise, will be considered non original.  Judges are aware that cars can deteriorate over time and that parts do have to be replaced and therefore 'original specification' is taken in to consideration.

In addition to the AMOC organised Concours Members also attend Concours events across the world with their Aston Martin Cars. 

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