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CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS: For the outcome of the EGM, please see the letter of the Chairman which was sent to all Members.

Letter of the Chairman

The Aston Martin Owners Club is the only official worldwide Club for everyone interested in the iconic marque


The Club’s guiding principles are to create an interest in Aston Martin, celebrate the pastime of motoring and motorsport and encourage Members to share their passion for Aston Martin. Membership is open to Aston Martin enthusiasts as well as owners. Join today to become part of the award-winning Club, the Aston Martin family and its history.

Each year the Club stages a diverse range of events for Members all over the world, celebrating both the historic and modern eras of Aston Martin. There is something for everyone, summer picnics, local and international drive outs in addition to world-class Concours d’Etat events and black tie dinners.

For those with a ‘need for speed’ AMOC offers Racing, Sprinting, Hill climbing and track days, as well as organised trips to events such as Classic Le Mans.



Our partners are proud to support one of the oldest and most prestigious car clubs in the world.

Aston Martin