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Partner - Michelin

Michelin is excited to become the new official tyre partner of the Aston Martin Owners Club in 2024. Founded in 1889, Michelin is one of the largest, most reputable tyre companies globally and has been at the forefront of tyre development for over 135 years.

As two high performing and prestigious brands, Michelin and Aston Martin have a long-standing history, with the French tyre manufacturer working together with Aston Martin on special projects such as the Vulcan and Valkyrie.

This partnership perfectly combines the shared vision of luxury and performance between both brands. Michelin has rich experience in both road and competition cars, with success on the premier motorsport stages such as Formula One, Le Mans 24hrs and MotoGP as well as being the manufacturer of choice for some of the world’s most prestigious cars.

The Michelin range for Aston Martin covers everything from DB2/4 through to the V8 Volante with the Michelin Classic range, and further still with the full Michelin range for more modern Aston Martin ensuring a complete, relevant and accessible product offering for your vehicle.

Michelin will give Aston Martin Owners Club Members the opportunity to experience high-performance tyres and understand how the brand has forged a renowned reputation amongst car owners globally.

Membership offer

Members can claim up to £100 when buying 2 or more Michelin car or 4x4 tyres at any outlet including online (so not limited to specialist Michelin outlets only) and with no limit to the number of claims per Member, with the claim paid directly to Members by BACS.

To find out more about this offer from Michelin, please log in and visit the Membership offers page. This offer is currently only available in the UK.