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2019 Autumn Meet, Drive and Watch Rugby

Area Rep | Published on 10/19/2019

Saturday 19th October 2019

AMOC UAE October Meet.

9.00 am Meeting at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa.

From Abu Dhabi – West out of the City & North onto the E11 Hiway for approximately 55 Klms. Right / East onto the E14 approximately 15 Klms., South again on an un numbered desert roadway, approximately 24 Klms., to Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa.

From Dubai – Out of the city limits to join the E63, East past Motor City & the Dubai Autodrome, past the Polo Club, past the Residences of Casa Ranches of EMMAR, across the E311 & E611, on to the open roads towards Al Qudra & Bab Al Shams Deseret Resort & Spa.


The group was reduced in size somewhat by the cancellation of the shooting activity due to the reduced summer hours, but a hardy group of the usual suspects turned up regardless.

The group met at Bab Al Shams desert resort, where there was much to catch-up on after the summer break.  After much banter that included the solving of all the problems with European & UK politics, the exchange of our new Aston Martin t-shirts, and the search for members missing somewhere in the grounds of the hotel, we enjoyed some light refreshments on the terrace overlooking the pool on a lovely warm Autumn morning in Dubai.

Back to the car park where there followed the obligatory inspection of each other’s cars, now covered in a light layer of dust, and it became obvious who does not have a television or books when we looked under the bonnet of the cars!!

Our small band took to the unnumbered desert highway, heading north and west approximately 39 km to join the E11 and North to Jebel Ali Golf & Marina Sports Club.

Passed by an Aston Martin V8 wearing Gold Badges, and with Fuse 22 obviously removed, sounding better than a passing train, we arrived at our brunch stop.

11.10 am, arriving to our pre-arranged parking allocation, a solitary new Aston Martin V8 Vantage S awaiting our arrival, we parked up in style.


Having reached our destination in time, social content was brunch & England v Australia in the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup.  England emerged victorious, which was a fitting end to a day involving a fine selection of the best of English cars.

We expect the Autumn shooting meet-up will now take place some-time after 1 November.  Watch this space for more info.