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Jon Allum of Exquisite Car Detailing invited AMOC members to a masterclass

Area Rep | Published on 4/2/2018

On Sunday 25th March... an unusually clear and dry day in a month of otherwise rubbish weather!... 14 AMOC members gathered at Exquisite Car Care in Hallatrow, Somerset, for a masterclass in cleaning cars. 

Business owner, Jon Allum, contacted AMOC to set up the session at his pristine premises (one wouldn't expect anything less). 

Jon Allum in full flow as Mike Jones concentrates hard

Jon took us step-by-step through the processes of car detailing, from the initial clean through to polishing... a process that took two hours to explain and takes even longer to undertake for real!

He also explained a range of tools and products and their respective pros and cons. 

It's amazing how a two hour session on car cleaning could be so entertaining! However, in summarising, members Barbara and Anthony King said:

  1. Forget all you have ever learnt
  2. Throw away the sponges and leathers
  3. Buy more buckets
  4. Take out another mortgage to pay for the required products!

For a more scientific summary, Jon has kindly created a summary of the processes he explained to us, along with appropriate product references, in a PDF document. It can be downloaded via this link - Car Cleaning Guide for AMOC Members .

If you would like more information or to obtain a quote for work on your car(s), give Jon a call on 07737 935 110  (

In the meantime, here are some pictures...

There were 4 Astons in the car park, including 2 x'Bond Edition' DB9 GTs, the DB9 of Lawrence Vaughn (first time we've seen his car) and Mike Jones's DB7 Vantage GT.

(Pic. Barbara & Anthony King)

Learning about car cleaning really can be fun!

Jon's exemplar VW Golf that inspired his business and has been a test-bed for learning his craft

(Pic. Barbara & Anthony King)