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Area 4 Christmas Lunch 2017

Area Rep | Published on 12/12/2017

Once again, the Area 4 festive fun was at the Carpenter's Arms, Stanton Wick. But this year we add a huge thank you from Mr. & Mrs. Area Rep for members' very kind wishes and expressions of thanks for our efforts during the year. They are very much appreciated. Your collection will be put to some good use, as soon as we can agree on something appropriate (i.e. it won't be spent on the gas bill!).

Proceedings opened with a very informal address by the Area Rep (Andrew Fawkes) that included tokens of appreciation for members' help during 2017. They included Paul & Jan Gerring for their hosting of the very successful garden party in August (2 x AMOC pens) and...

...Mike Jones who organised Area 4's presence at the Bristol Classic Car Show in July (AMOC scarf).

Mrs. Area Rep (Gillian Fawkes) won this year's Area Rep's Award (the 4th year we've done this) for background assistance of a continuous nature and more specifically covering during the Rep's absence with chickenpox at one of the major events, the Breakfast TT in June. 

Very popular winners they all were too!

Coming to grips with crackers, hats, etc. (L-R: John Hazzard, Bernie Graham, Jane McCouat, Charles Scott, Patti Simcock, Linda Rooney, Mandy & Barry Mansfield and Viv Haynes). 

All hats, ties, etc. were again provided my Viv & Mike Haynes... what stars they are!

The event provided an opportunity for 80th birthday wishes for both Mike & Judy French. Viv & Mike Haynes also sourced a cake and mighty candles to finish off a chorus of 'Happy Birthday to You'.

When it was safe to approach the table, we captured this photo of Mike & Judy with their DB9-adorned celebration cake (and expired fireworks).

There are a few more photographs of the event in the 2017 Miscellany Gallery (here).

Finally, thank you to all who attended, all who would have but couldn't (not least Lex & Phil John in Oxford who were snowed-in on the day) and to everyone who has supported Area 4 in 2017. Our Christmas Lunch for 2018 is booked for Sunday 9th December at the same venue, honest...