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Art event involving a DB11 as a model

Area Rep | Published on 10/1/2017

Is this art or vandalism? That's the question that has been exercising opinions on social media since artists Robi Walters and Will Thompson set about decorating a new DB11 for the Annual Frieze Art Festival in London.

Let's get one thing clear... it's not vandalism. The car will be returned to its original paintwork by simply removing the wrap over which the art has been applied. That said, I think the detractors were offering a judgement rather than a practical comment!

Whatever your view about this, Aston Martin Bristol has provided a stunning backdrop for Robi's and Will's work. Their brief was a simple one: to decorate the car in a style of their choosing. I won't attempt to explain the artists' inspiration for their work, except to say that the offside is Will's work and the nearside is Robi's.

Above: Will (left) and Robi in full flow

I once read that the definition of art is something that exists only for the purpose of being artful, i.e. has no practical purpose. That may be true, but I can think of a practical purpose or two for their 'canvas'!

Above: Bond and 'M' oversee proceedings!

You can read more about the Frieze Festival here and the artists Robi (here) and Will (here). 

You may also choose to add to the social media commentary here!

By the way, if the owner wants to keep the car in this style, it can be wrapped again to protect the artwork...!