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National Trust’s fascinating Tredegar House

Chris Thomas | Published on 5/28/2017

After a week of turbulent weather, the day of our visit to the National Trust’s renowned Tredegar House dawned dry and settled – a significant relief!

With 4 Astons displayed in the car park, 12 members enjoyed a bespoke guided tour which included some intriguing anecdotes about the life and times of the Morgan family - dark arts, riotous parties, war heroism, crocodiles and crucifixes...Tredegar House has never been an ordinary household!

Our guide, Chris Edwards, was brilliant with his entertaining and animated delivery – it was clear to see that his other passion is in amateur dramatics! The National Trust staff did us proud with a tasty lunch and impressed with their efficiency and friendliness throughout.

Andrew and Gillian Fawkes travelling over from Area 4 was greatly appreciated - as was the opportunity to welcome new and familiar faces from our own Area. Leyton Thomas kindly offered to put some ideas together for future events from his days running the South Wales Ferrari Owners Club. An early flavour sounds very exciting!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support for this event – without which it simply could not have happened! Thank you everyone!