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Cornwall Club Evening | AMOC News

Ian Postles | Published on 4/11/2017

Our first Cornwall Club Evening for a number of years was held at the Plume of Feathers, Mitchell and our thanks to Colin Stewart for arranging it for us.  Since deciding on the venue we learned that our Cornwall Club Evenings were held there many years ago!

I have felt, since we reinstated the Devon Club Evenings into the calendar some four years ago, that I would like us to run something similar in Cornwall and am delighted to say that we have!

After a few years of failing to get the idea off the ground holding the Christmas Party in Cornwall seems to have acted as the catalyst for a further effort.  My thanks to Martin Haywood, Joe Sharples and Colin Stewart for suggesting that we tried the Plume of Feathers at Mitchell and then Colin took on the responsibility for organising it.

Great support was given by Aston Martin Bristol with Aaron Allnutt, the Dealer Principle and also a Club Member, who attended and brought along a DB11 for people to see.  It is great that he was prepared to come all the way down from Bristol which is very much appreciated.  Will Khoo of AJ Tech was also there to share his knowledge with those not now needing to use the full dealership services and who is building a very good reputation with local owners for his knowledge of Astons and great customer service.

I really do believe that to have 27 people come along, with 16 Astons in the car park means that hopefully next year will will run more of them.  

A few more pictures from a very enjoyable evening.

Aaron from AML Bristol, Will of AJ Tech with Rob and Julie and Tony and Margaret.

Ivan's new beast!

We were joined by our first DB11 - courtesy of Aston Martin Bristol