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AMOC Area 4 Christmas Lunch 2016, Area 4, AMOC News

Area Rep | Published on 12/11/2016

Once again, party hats kindly provided by Mike & Viv Haynes set the tone for our Christmas revelry.


The Area Rep's address was a poem (of sorts) that mentioned everyone in attendance, but not necessarily in ways that may have been expected... ask anyone who was there! The poem concluded with the verse:

We’ve already celebrated fifty years of family and car

As Michael has said on many occasions, it’s the DB6 that’s the star

You all signed their photo and now sharing this dinner

Of the Area Rep’s special award 2016, there can really only be one winner.

This story provides the background to this verse.

The 'Area Rep's Special Award' for Michael Pye was an AMHT pin badge.

Another AMHT pin badge was won by Judy French in a game of heads & tails with an AMOC flavour.

The 'Carps' has become the preferred venue for our Christmas lunch, despite also being our monthly noggin & natter venue. That's thanks to the excellent food, excellent service and very reasonable pricing offered to us by manager Simon and his team.

Naturally, lots of bubbly was consumed and lots of laughs shared.

Comment received since the event have included "the best ever" from more than one member... something for us to live up to next year!

Some members stayed overnight to continue the fun and avoid the 'no-drink drive home' issue. 

Here's to 2017....!