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2020 The year that was not

Area 16 Rep | Published on 11/13/2020
2020 started well and many wonderful events were planned and organised for the whole year.  Our monthly Club meeting went ahead in January and February as normal and were well attended as per normal.
The Club even had a very successful mornings Karting indoors in Crawley won by Assistant Rep Mike Bowman and the fastest woman was Nikki Holyoake (right).
Karting bowmanKarting nikki
A visit to HWM Aston Martin Dealership in March was a lovely day out for 28 members seeing new and used stock and getting to know the staff.
Then the Lurgy hit and the year from then on in changed everyones lives completely.  Priorities changed from enjoying life with your Aston and friends to queueing endlessly for the mythical toilet paper out side your local supermarket!
The club, the cars and its members have pulled through what has been an extraordinary year.  Events have been reorganised, postponed, cancelled and re booked some as many as three times! all usually at short notice because of the ever changing situation and government guidelines.

2021 will be different again, BUT, we will get back together and enjoy everything Aston.