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Club Express Go Live

Matthew Godfrey | Published on 11/21/2020
We are very pleased to announce that we have gone live with a new Membership and Events Management system.

This will enable us to provide new functionality, which is aimed to give Members additional benefits.

One of the big changes, is that for Family Memberships, both Members will have their own User Name and Password. This will particularly help when the Secondary Member wishes to buy something from the shop, without the Primary Member receiving an email to confirm the sale.

All Individual Memberships will be sent a User Name and Password. This will come from a Club Express email address, so please check your spam box.

If you have a Family Membership, the Primary Member will initially receive an email. Because our current Membership Database does not allow us to record contact details for the Secondary Member, this needs to be added. The Primary Member can go into the Areas/Additional Members part of their Profile and Edit the Secondary Member information to include email and phone number. Clicking the Reset Password button will show their User Name and Password. If preferred, you can send the email address, along with name and Membership number to The User Name and Password will then be emailed out.

When you log in to the new website, beneath your name, you can access your Profile. From here you can:

Record if you wish to receive emails from Reps in different Areas;

Identify what models of Aston Martin, or event types, you would like to hear about in the Interests section;

Upload photos into albums to share either with Members or anyone visiting the Club website;

Record details of your cars, either just for yourself and the Club Administration by using the Draft status, or to share wider by setting the status to Active.

In the Finance/Historical Data section, you will see payments you have made to the Club, Events that you have booked on, any donations made to the Aston Martin Heritage Club and Volunteering opportunities taken.

On the interactive pages, you will see a , which will give you guidance relevant to that page.

There is a Member's Directory - which allows other Members to contact you, if you agree, with several options around what information you wish to share. The default is set to “Do not list me in the Directory”. You can amend your privacy settings in the Standard Member Directory section under Profile.

AM News is presented in a more interactive way, which we hope will be a benefit for Members.

It allows us to introduce a Rolling Membership, which we know has been an issue for potential Members, who have been shown to not join the Club towards the end of the calendar year as they thought they would not get a full return on their subscription.

We were particularly keen to make it easier for Area Reps to add events to the Club Calendar, produce photo reports of events held and to email not just Members in their Area but also anyone else who requests to be included.

The actual implementation period has been relatively short. The decision was made to concentrate on managing Memberships and Events, improve Finance, which will include the option for Members worldwide to use Direct Debits and the reporting capability, along with the ability to have greater control over changes we can make ourselves. We have not made a lot of changes to the website content but look forward to doing that in the near future.