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Area 00 - In a Holding Pattern

Jason Karr | Published on 2/18/2021
As I write this month whilst still in lockdown I sense a strong growing desire as the days get longer from all to plan and arrange events to provide something to look forward to in 2021, and whilst I share this desire it frustratingly seems premature in light of current restrictions.

During recent Club Calls we have discussed many ideas, including a road trip to Portugal / Spain in May, Mille Miglia visit, Le Mans classic, David Brown test route visit, Alpine rally to Switzerland followed by Austria and well as a return of monthly drinks at the RAC…

I also note a lot of the well-known annual car shows and displays are already taking bookings for this year, and I hope these do indeed get to proceed but that is very unclear at the moment.

All of these things I hope will happen in 2021 plus many more, but it seems too early for Area00 to firm up any specific plans and place bookings whilst the entire country is currently in lockdown with no timing as to when this might end, and then risk having our hopes dashed all over again… 

It is my hope we might get some insight into the Governments plans and timing to ease restrictions at the end of February, which may provide some useful insights to guide our planning…, but i'm not holding my breath in all honesty!! 

What I can assure everyone is that as soon as we have some clear information regarding when and how restrictions will be eased, we will firm up on our plans which will no doubt be discussed in detail on our weekly club calls and shared via email and our Facebook group…, no doubt starting with a drinks reunion at the RAC which can be scheduled at very short notice... 

In the meantime we continue our weekly zoom calls to discuss ideas and keep up to date with the latest events and developments, so we can resume activities as soon as we are able….

Based on the latest government advice, it appears that May is the earliest restrictions may by eased…

I wish everyone keeps safe and well in the meantime…, and I look forward to seeing you on the road!!

Kind regards,