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Inter Area Karting 2021

Andrew Fawkes (Area 4 Rep) | Published on 8/8/2021

The 2021 Inter-Area Karting event was another victim of delayed planning, but that didn’t put off 10 intrepid ‘racing drivers’ and 3 commentators from turning up, most via brunch.

The day dawned damp, torrentially so, but offered the likelihood of a drying track that some were able to exploit better than others (your editor being one of the ‘bettered’).

After the importance of a full breakfast at Fordmore Farm Shop Cafe - to add ballast - there followed a most scenic journey to Mansell Raceway through tree lined avenues of one-car width.

With the full complement of personnel it was time to hit the track. Ten minutes of warm up/qualifying and then a race of 20 laps (less for those of us who were lapped).

A tight fight at the front saw James Thorburn victorious by a slender margin of less than 2 seconds over Dan Regan of Re: Fuel South West fame. In a comfortable position third was Area 20’s Jerry Pike (who was also christening his new motorcycle on this trip).

There were also some midfield battles, plenty of spins, some strange lines and a few ‘offs’. Regardless, fun was had and the injuries only temporary!

Thank you to all who supported this event which may be repeated…

Drivers (L-R): Jerry Pike, Anthony King, James Thorburn, Steve Hawkins, Dan Edwards, Andy Webber, Paul Millard, Andrew Fawkes, Dan Regan and Richard Pinkett (photo by Barbara King).

Inter-Area Karting Aug 21