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Area 4 at Broadpeak

Andrew Fawkes (Area 4 Rep) | Published on 11/27/2021
It was a mild but damp and dreary day that greeted a bunch of intrepid Astons as they set out to visit Broadpeak Car Storage near Mere in Wiltshire (do those last four words count as poetry?😉).

However, the welcome from owner Johnnie Gallop and professional detailer Robert Browning could not have been warmer. I knew it was going to be a good day when, along with tea and coffee, Bakewell Tarts and Battenberg cakes were proffered to all!

Outside, the collection of Astons (original Vanquish, DB9 x 3, DB11) and a Bentley Azure and Audi TT were displaying the starting canvass that any detailer would love to get their teeth into!

After a short explanation about the the business of car storage and the services offered, we went through the door to the facility. An immediate temperature drop was noticeable as the warm reception became the dehumidified and expansive warehouse-style garage. 

A veritable cornucopia of wheeled vehicles awaited us: Series 1 E-Type, Ferrari 308GTS, Vanquish S, numerous Bristols, a Jensen Interceptor, Rolls Royce 20/25 and a few motorcycles old and new, etc., etc. It was like going to a summer classic car show but without the crowds, the weather or the sky above!

We were then treated to a demonstration of the skills of detailing. I have seen something similar before and remain amazed by the skills and experiences of, on this occasion, Robert. The preparation required to address a small area of scratches on the bonnet of a Maserati Quattroporte and then the polishing itself is not something to be tackled by the journeyman car cleaner such as me!

In no time, it seemed a couple of hours had passed and lunch called. We bade our farewells with promises of a return in lighter, warmer days to come and set off for nearby Stourhead N.T. It seemed that there was an event on there and the overflow carpark (a muddy field) held little appeal and so we decamped to Teals Farmshop Cafe a few miles away... a good 'emergency' suggestion by Mrs. F.

Thank you Johnnie and Robert and to all who supported this event, especially to Chris Hill whose suggestion and connection made it possible.

Typical late Autumn weather!

 Cake is always a good start!

Robert in action

L-R: Anthony King, Martin Jaehme, Barbara King, Melvyn Freeman, Gillian Fawkes, Chris Hill and Paul Phelan. Our host, Johnnie is partly hidden behind Gillian. Not in shot, David Bryers and Andrew Fawkes.

And finally to lunch...