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Pre-War Coordinator | Published on 2/28/2022
I arranged to meet up with Bruce Young in Much Marcle on New Year’s Day for the VSCC gathering of vintage cars.  When I got to the traffic lights in Ledbury on the way there, I realised Bruce was 2 cars ahead of me. When the lights turned, he went through with a number of ‘everyday’ cars and to my amazement as soon as there was room to overtake, he put his foot down and not only got past one but 2 cars and disappeared off into the distance.  When I arrive in Much Marcle I pulled Bruce’s leg about his overtaking manoeuvre, to which he shrugged his shoulders and said what did I expect, they were going far too slowly! When I got home later in the day, Bruce had sent me the following in an email:

Old Aston really flying on the way home, drifting round the corners on its narrow original size tyres, perfect! 60 MPH with no effort - load more on tap, not bad for an original worn out block and inter head! it will probably explode now I have said that!