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Area 4 - Xmas Lunch 2022

Andrew Fawkes (Area 4 Rep) | Published on 12/12/2022
The overnight weather revealed a Sunday morning full of festive cheer... snow had fallen, snow on snow (OK, maybe only about half an inch) but that was enough to put the Area 4 Christmas Lunch 2022 in peril!

Not so. In fact, there were 41 people booked to attend and, drum roll... wait for it... 41 people attended. That must be a record given how seasonal coughs and colds usually spoil best laid plans and all that. That said, the Scotts did suffer a late withdrawal for that very reason, but the Jaehmes then spotted the inadvertent gap in their diary to - do a lot more than simply - make up the numbers! Isn't it nice when a plan comes together?

Unlike previous years, my poem address didn't reference all attendees by name - 41 would have made it too long for me to expect anyone to listen. Instead this shortened version reflected the Area 4 events of 2022:

Ladies and gentlemen,

In years gone by, I have written a poem, naming everyone in attendance here

but fear not, my glad tidings of great joy will be a little shorter this year.

Instead, I’ll highlight some events of the 30 there have been

in a year that’s been dominated by our dear departed Queen.

Mark kicked off our meetings in style by revealing the EV car truth,

if you need some research on something, he’s the official Area 4 sleuth.

A mention here for Mike Jones who gallantly led AMQ,

yes, he’s improved it immensely, let’s see what the new team now do.

Coffee mornings planned for the winter, have been popular and lasted all year,

and now we've added Piper Trimmers, ideal if you suffer a tear… oops, that should be ‘tear’.

Today is the first home event for Rick & Dee, our newlyweds,

Their jet-lagged return means they’ll be looking forward to their sleepy beds.

Our Royal Naval heritage caused something of a queue

when Tony talked us through his experiences of 1982.

A warm and popular night it was with many who’d come from afar,

to hear an amusing, fitting, poignant and highly respected personal memoire.

Another Naval link was to intelligence and logistics,

the Kings volunteered their gaff, ideal parking and shelter characteristics.

Covert diary management supported by discreet planning linguistics,

surprising Bob for his unadvertised 80th, risked igniting Carter ballistics.

OK, the secret bit is accurate, we knew he didn’t want a fuss,

but the day was a joyous occasion that included two former Area Reps and indeed many of us.

Our Tour of North Scotland in April had great weather, great food and fond recalls,

like ‘mileage poker’, Harry Potter’s line and Reg having fun with his balls.

(For those who don’t know, Reg is a dog).

I hope you’ve had a good time at events some I’ve mentioned already,

we’ll see what next year offers, in the meantime let’s eat and make merry.

We had a post-pudding interlude for the prize draw. Well done to Liz Jaehme, Tony Ellerbeck, Dave Bryers, Mike Jones, Joan Cottrell and Debbie Fortune who all took home an AMOC branded goodie👍.

The pictures below don't really do justice to the fun time had. We'll leave that to the 'likes' and comments on the Facebook group, for those who didn't attend. We were also too busy (chatting and/or keeping warm) to take photos of the cars outside: DBX (Rick & Dee Stewart), DBS Superleggera (Paul & Rosemary Moon), DB9 (Martin & Liz Jaehme) and the Alpine of Dave & Sarah Bryers).

As is now becoming traditional, the staff of the Kings Arms did us proud and so we are booked again for the same time next year!

Thank you to all who attended (or intended to attend and couldn't) for supporting this event and indeed to all Area 4 Members who supported any of our events this year.

Merry Christmas all!