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Track Day - Castle Combe - 30 May 2023

Christine Howson | Published on 1/6/2023
30DMS Castle Combe 2022

Castle Combe Track Day 30 May 2023

Castle Combe Circuit, SN14 7EY

After our very successful track day last year, Area 13 will be holding a track day at Castle Combe on 30th May 2023, Aston Martin`s of any age will only be allowed on track.
This will be great opportunity to experience the performance of your car on a race track. The day will be under open pit lane conditions, a maximum of only 12 twelves cars will be on track at any time.

The day will start with signing on, then a safety briefing followed by sighting laps behind a circuit car. The track will then be open all day for you to enjoy your cars at your own pace. There will be a one hour break for lunch.

All drivers and passengers will be required to wear a safety helmet, full face with visor down for open top cars. Arms and legs will need to be covered while on track.
As per Castle Combe trackday rules, overtaking will only be permitted by consent of lead car on straight sections of track only. Lead car will indicate and pull to left of track, keep a constant speed which allows cars behind to overtake safely.

An ARDS instructor will be available at no extra charge to go out with you and give you help and guidance.

We welcome any members not wanting to take their cars on track, to come along and spend the day watching and enjoying the experience. There is no cost for spectating but please let us know if you are going to attend.

Cost for driver and car £220
Extra drivers £20
Passengers £10

Main driver will need to make payment to secure their place.All drivers must hold a full driving license, produced on the the day.Additional drivers and passengers can be added and paid for on the day, additional drivers will still need to be at the the safety briefing. This does not include main driver which must be paid before the day.

We will be inviting traders connected with Aston Martin`s to turn up on the day promoting their business. Further details to follow.

There will be an opportunity to attend a Track Parade during the lunch break. We will ask for a small contribution to support a charity we will be raising funds for.

For full details and to book see the event in the calendar